Your March IQ Points Have Arrived

I read papers, articles, and watch a lot of videos. Each month, I post my recent meanderings. If you want to follow me, just leave this page open in a tab and come back to watch/read what you haven’t yet, until you’re at the bottom.

An amazing discovery: Radio Garden is a Google map of the earth with thousands of FM stations. Click a green dot and hear what that station is playing, from Kamchatka to Capetown.

Here’s the story of the moving sidewalks of Paris from before 1900:

What do we know about gender and sports? It’s complicated. Here’s the video:

The Difference Between Ex-Ante, Post Hoc, Ex Post, A Priori, and A Posteriori — a site where the government offers prizes for people who solve big hard problems.

John Snow and the Broad Street Pump — a deadly mystery solved.

The Pixar Ratatouille outtake reel of people/actors/characters saying “Yes!”

Grand Illusions, a lovely specialty store with clever gifts (or presents for yourself).

The Own Your Own Data Foundation — they help educate people on privacy, data security, etc.

Are metallic lithium batteries the future? GM is betting the farm on it.

David Siegel is a serial entrepreneur in Washington, DC. He is the founder of the Pillar Project. He is the author of The Token Handbook, Open Stanford, The Culture Deck, Climate Curious, and The Nine Act Structure. He publishes a climate blog and gives speeches to audiences around the world and online. His full body of work is at

Provocateur, professional heretic, slayer of myths, speaker of truthiness to powerfulness, and defender of the Oxford comma.

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