Your February IQ Points

Last month, I didn’t publish any links because I was busy writing Ninety Nine Percent of All Conversations on Climate are Wrong, which I hope you will read and share. This month, more content for critical thinkers …

The Unstoppable Momentum of Outdated Science, by Roger Pielke, Jr. — an important paper showing how many “important papers” are based on silliness.

Vitalik Buterin on neutrality.

Yes, deep fakes are good, but some people are creating software that detects them:

Cool: Building a digital version of a city helps it become more resilient.

This is from

How about DDT? DDT was widely vilified in the 1980s. Researchers claimed it was responsible for eggshell thinning and birth defects in raptors.* The alarm was sounded, and as a result DDT use was curtailed. That led to many more malaria deaths than we would have had if we had kept using DDT. Recent studies have shown only a tiny association with birth defects, the trade-offs are worth it to eliminate malaria, and the WHO includes DDT on the list of approved substances to kill mosquito eggs. Cost-benefit analysis is a better tactic than emotional alarms, scary imagery, and zealotry.

The Modernist Cuisine gallery.

An online book on why we are thinking about renewable energy in the wrong way.

Learn to use the Feynman Technique for learning things.

How the European Central Bank pretty much caused the crisis in Europe back in 2008 singlehandedly.

You have 80,000 hours in your career. How can you use them best?

Do Q-tips cause plugged up ears? We were told they did. Now we’re not so sure.

If we’re going to give students standardized tests, we should give them better ones.

Raj Chetty on the importance of third grade — podcast with Kara Swisher.


This is where I get most of my sharpening supplies.

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