Your August IQ Points Have Arrived

My monthly installment of amazing content. Enjoy …

Another nail in the coffin of getting regular checkups — metastudy

This video will probably change your life …

Squeezed: What You Don’t Know about Orange Juice — book

Venture capitalists and the illusion of picking the big winners ahead of time — CB Insights report

Venture capitalists strongly favor good-looking males — studySmart helmets are coming:

The (causative) relationship between salt and hypertension was largely made up — says Gary Taubes

Science is broken — says the former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine

Robert Parker Unable to Identify Wines He Has Praised — the ruthless business of wine rating and hero worship meets its match in a blind tasting.

The Music Lab experiment explained in plain english — NYTimes Magazine article

How the algorithms on Wall Street actually work — video (not for the squeamish)

The amazing story of polywater

You’re on the verge of getting a cold. Is there anything you can do to lessen its impact?

How filters both help and blind us.

New CRISPR DNA base editor expands the landscape of precision genome editing

A device that analyzes your food using a spectrometer.

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