Writers — Keep Back-Up Copies of your Work!

Don’t rely on Medium.com to back-up your stories

We’re trying to prove ourselves wrong as quickly as possible, because only in that way can we find progress.”
— Richard Feynman

News flash: Ev Williams is deleting more and more stories from Medium.com. For political and other reasons, Medium.com is going to review your stories and will delete them if they feel like it. They have already deleted several stories they don’t agree with. Here’s one. Here’s one. Here’s another one.

Here’s one they missed.

For some reason, they don’t delete my evidence-based work on climate change. Why not?

The Wall Street Journal has written about this.

Keep back-up copies of everything you write.

Let’s see how long this stays up.

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David Siegel is a serial entrepreneur in Washington, DC. He is the founder of the Pillar Project and 2030. He is the author of The Token Handbook, Open Stanford, The Culture Deck, Climate Curious, and A Tour of Climate Data. His full body of work is at dsiegel.com.

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Provocateur, professional heretic, slayer of myths, speaker of truthiness to powerfulness, and defender of the Oxford comma.

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