What Should We do about The Social Dilemma?

The price of convenience is higher than we think

From this:

To this:

The Personal Data Locker

I have been writing about this for 20 years. In 2017, I raised $21 million to build it as a blockchain project, but that wave of innovation was hurt badly by regulators. The personal data locker gives you control over all your data. It puts things in the right perspective:

  • Health
  • Family
  • Friends and relationships
  • Transportation & Travel
  • Shopping, Purchasing
  • Education and Learning (these things are not the same)
  • And much more

The Market for Personal Assistants

Yesterday, I wanted to send my dad a copy of Jerry Seinfeld’s new book, Is this Anything? I had to go to Amazon, find the book, put it in the cart, and then check out by changing the send-to address. It’s no easier than it was ten years ago.


These are the main two innovations I propose: the personal data locker and the market for personal assistants. I’m starting a nonprofit called the Giordano Bruno Institute, not to do advocacy and advisory work but to build a nonprofit ecosystem of products and services that could replace today’s advertising-driven world of vampire platforms.

Provocateur, professional heretic, slayer of myths, speaker of truthiness to powerfulness, and defender of the Oxford comma.

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