The Virality Video that Went Viral and Caused me to Reinvent the World

I’m a huge fan of Derek and his YouTube channel, Veritasium, which he’s been building for years and now has millions of subscribers.

He’s not just a master of YouTube; he’s a master of science communication and enthusiasm. He goes the extra mile to help people understand important concepts, especially around cognitive psychology, behavioral psychology, and a bunch of cool physics. One of his videos I feature often in my writing is his killer explanation of John Ioannidis’s paper “Why Most Published Research is Wrong” …

I’ll have to make a top-ten playlist of his videos, because they are so damn good and there are so many. He only made one video that isn’t worth watching, and he knows which one it is — I hope he’ll rethink that one, do more research, and present a more balanced view of the issue.

But today I want to talk about an absolutely awesome video he recently made on the YouTube ecosystem, which I encourage you to watch in its entirety:

That video is so good, I made my own, home-grown response:

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