The Pillar Wallet Road Map

  • Registration This wallet will be a normal “self storage” wallet with email address and 12-words seed. Have to require that they back up their seed.
  • Recovery If the app is lost, they can give their email address and reinstate the wallet using the 12-word seed.
  • Receive ether Give their address and QR code. Show that ether has been received.
  • Send ether Paste or scan a QR code to send ether to. May want to limit volume at the beginning?
  • Move in Pillar tokens People can get their wallet address and QR code sent to them in an email, then they can send their Pillar tokens to their wallet.
  • Dashboard See assets and market value (market value not a strict requirement at this point but would be nice).
  • See history See previous transactions (would be easier if our blockchain explorer project were ready (does anyone want to join us and be the product owner of our blockchain explorer?), but this is not too difficult with the Etherscan API).
  • Fill out your profile. This will be handy for other things, later. The information will be stored in off-chain encrypted storage (you’ll have several to choose from eventually).
  • Get help in the app Contact form that sends a support email. Keep in mind that support is done by third parties, not by Pillar.
  • About Pillar Something about our culture and ethos.

Wallet 2: The ICO Wallet

  • Anonymous registration You enter your email in and create a password.
  • Simple registration Put whatever info you want into your profile, it’s up to you. You don’t have to fill out the profile to use the wallet.
  • White-Star registration — personal KYC If you want to buy an ICO using our wallet, you will need to register your details. This is the KYC (Know Your Customer) process banks need to be compliant with regulations. It’s similar to the process you have probably already gone through to register with a big exchange, except that you’ll build your own KYC profile and own it — we don’t have access to it. The best part is that once you do it, you can use that same info for all your ICOs and many other things later. This costs a bit of money — you will see the price from a third-party provider and pay in Pillars to register. Remember — this registration is yours to use or not, as you see fit.
  • Gold-Star registration — accredited investor An accredited investor is a wealthy person or investment group who is deemed “sophisticated” by regulators and can therefore buy “risky” securities that the public can’t. The rules are slightly different in each country. Again, these people will pay for onboarding, or the individual ICO will pay. An accredited investor will have a gold star or some other icon on her dashboard to show that the accredited status is on.

Wallet 3: The Consumer Wallet

Wallet 4: The Business Wallet

Appendix 1: ICO Purchase Modes

  • Normal: Send ether to a smart contract on the blockchain, same as you would today with MyEtherWallet. Get tokens back when they are issued. No restrictions. We may want to institute a black list to help prevent people from sending to scam addresses, but it’s impossible to keep a black list up to date at all times.
  • White Star: An ICO on our wallet for KYCed investors. This is open to the public, as long as they KYC. The good news is, once you KYC yourself, your white star lasts two years until you have to renew. Note that since these are standard tokens, you can then send them to an exchange and sell them to someone else.
  • Restricted White Star: An ICO on our wallet for KYCed investors who can only sell their tokens to other KYCed investors on our platform. This will come when we have an exchange. This option provides full, 100% knowledge of all token holders at all times.
  • Gold Star: An ICO for a security token only available to accredited investors in that jurisdiction. The gold star must be renewed every three months in the US.

Appendix 2: Security Considerations

  • Putting identical wallets into the App store/Google play.
  • Trying to send a different address.
  • Trying to hijack the way we send the address or flags.
  • Putting up web sites claiming to be ours.
  • Twitter imitation.
  • Sending a signal to our wallet that the sale is on.
  • Changing the hard-coded address.
  • Sending messages that our wallet has been hacked and here is the fix.
  • Others?

Appendix 3: Customer Support

Appendix 4: Pillar Tokens

  • Tech support — paid by the minute?
  • KYC — we believe this will be free until May 2018 and then will be charged in pillars thereafter.
  • Storage of KYC documents, paid in pillars.
  • Accredited investor check, also paid in pillars.

Appendix 5: Exchanges

Provocateur, professional heretic, slayer of myths, speaker of truthiness to powerfulness, and defender of the Oxford comma.

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David Siegel

David Siegel

Provocateur, professional heretic, slayer of myths, speaker of truthiness to powerfulness, and defender of the Oxford comma.

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