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Table of contents:

1. Introduction

2. The Problem with Ski School

Val d’Isere
Copper Mountain
Deer Valley

3. Equipment

There’s a mistake in this video on pole length! See below.
Today’s ski boots are almost identical. Choose whatever fits your foot best.
Apex boots, designed by Denny Hanson. A great new direction for boots, but not for people who get cold feet.
In the 80s I had both the orange boot and the black boot on the right, in addition to Scott boots for ballet. The Hansons were super comfortable, warm, and easy to get on/off, but they didn’t have anywhere near the edge control today’s boots have.

4. On the Ice

He’s not wearing hockey skates, but he’s an excellent teacher.

5. Day One: Side Slip and Hockey Stop

This isn’t steep enough for good learning. It takes more skill to slip on a more gentle slope.

Learning to Sideslip

Why Green Runs are Dangerous

This is not how it is but how it should be.

Don’t Forget Your Poles!

The Hockey Stop

6. Day Two: Linked Hockey Stops

7. Day Three: Up and Down

8. Day Four: Lift the Inside Tail

9. Tips and Troubleshooting

10. Specialty Clinics

High-Speed Sliding

Cruising: Motorcycle Turns

Straight and fast.



Soft snow


Big-Mountain Skiing





Trick Skiing

Avalanche Awareness

Ski Safety

11. Fixing Ski School

Collaborate with Ice Rinks

Replace the bunny hills with 20- and 25-degree slopes

Gentle indoor slopes and traditional teaching give students bad habits and create dangerous skiers in crowded conditions. They should be much steeper to be safer.

Create a Four-Day Program

We Need New Equipment

Use Technology Better

12: Is Global Warming Threatening Skiing?

13: Summary

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