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David Siegel
34 min readNov 13, 2019


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The ski industry is small. Resort operators do everything they can to get two strong seasons of revenue out of their properties. After lift tickets and ski rentals, customers spend the next largest amount on private ski guides and instruction. Yet that money doesn’t go to instructors, who are paid poorly and rely on building relationships with their clients to maximize tips.

Equipment, lodging, and lift tickets are very expensive. The learning curve is slow and long. Snowboarding has peaked. Skiing is on a downhill slope to becoming a retro 20th-century sport for wealthy people.

I believe we can revitalize skiing by changing the way skiing is taught.

This is long — skim first to get a sense of what is here. You can go straight to the YouTube playlist and watch everything there, but all the videos are here as well.

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Problem with Ski School
  3. Equipment
  4. On the Ice
  5. Day One: Side Slip and Hockey stop
  6. Day Two: Linked Hockey Stops
  7. Day Three: Up and Down
  8. Day Four: Lift the Inside Tail
  9. Tips and Troubleshooting
  10. Specialty Clinics
  11. Fixing Ski School
  12. Is Global Warming Threatening Skiing?
  13. Summary

By day five, you should be skiing the groomed black runs and be in control anywhere on the mountain.

1. Introduction

Who am I? My name is David Siegel. I grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve skied about 500 days. Here are my qualifications:



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