Opioids, Startups, Pickable Locks, Sex, Veganism, and Population Control

I’d love to start a Medium.com channel if anyone is willing to help. I can find the content. I’m looking for someone to manage and help build it up and see where it goes. Here are some more juicy IQ points …

The Opioid Epidemic is not About Opioids and it’s not an Epidemic — by Alex Cahana

I discovered the Play Chess with Dr Wolf app and love it.

Varjo — immersive augmented reality design headset. Wow.

A team is building software to track fake news bots and social media farms.

Get a TinTin t-shirt for summer. I always get compliments on mine.

An excellent data-science paper from Angel List on the difference between early and later stage investors. “Venture capital has largely resisted the quantification that has revolutionized modern finance. In lieu of mathematical modeling, venture capitalists tend to subscribe to pieces of folk wisdom around their investing activities. How, when, and in what a VC invests all tend to have only the thinnest veneer of theoretical or empirical justification.” and “Our model shows that at the seed stage investors would increase their expected return by broadly indexing into every credible deal, a finding that does not hold at later stages. Our results also suggest that startups staying private longer have created a powerful engine for unbounded wealth creation entirely outside the public markets; we conclude with an argument rooted in social equity for why retail investors should have access to a broad-based index of early-stage venture investments.”

Boys and Sex

Girls and Sex

One guy has advanced the science and engineering of crossbows so much that I worry about the future. Honestly, he gives new meaning to the term “evil laugh.”

The Medeco 6-pin is the gold standard of security. It was supposed to be unpickable. It’s very likely you have one on your front door and the corresponding key in your pocket. Two years ago, there was exactly one YouTube video on how to pick this cylinder. Now, there are dozens. Here’s a good one:

Medeco doesn’t want you to know this cylinder is pickable.

Is this lock unpickable?

Reconceptualising organisations: from complicated machines to flowing streams.

Zero-waste restaurant delivery starting in New York City

“TSA announced that its officers seized 4,432 guns at checkpoints last year — the most in the agency’s 18-year history. It also says that 87% of those guns (some 3,855) were loaded.” — NPR report

Ag-gag laws hide the cruelty of factory farms from the public. Courts are striking them down. — Vox.

Should you eat a calorie-restricted diet? The top prizewinner of the adversarial collaboration project at Slate Star Codex. “We, the authors, conclude that the evidence as it stands weakly supports the conclusion that CR modestly extends human life. We expect that an individual engaging in 20–30% CR versus a normative, non-obesogenic diet without malnutrition might enjoy a 10%-20% increase in longevity. A 10%-15% CR relative to a normative diet may increase lifespan by perhaps 5–10%.”

Is Eating Meat a Net Harm? — Second prize winner in the Slate Star Codex antagonistic collaboration competition. “Overall, the case for reduced meat consumption is strong. Vegetarianism is cheaper, better for your health (if you can afford a diverse diet and are not an infant), and is less impactful for the environment. It also has a significant moral cost in terms of animal suffering.”

I’ll try to publish every week or two, I have a large inventory of links in the back room.

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