Just the Questions

Try to answer these 150 questions before reading the essay.

I have published a large essay on how to change your worldview. On this page, I list the questions, so you can put your beliefs down first, before reading my research. You can find the essay at inreality.show.

Should we use GDP as a measure of a society’s happiness and prosperity?
What is monetary policy?
How can we fix monetary policy?
What caused the Great Depression?

What causes financial bubbles?
Does market regulation work?
Does rent-control work?
Do minimum-wage laws work?

Does technical trading work?
Does fundamental investing work?
So how should I invest?

Should I buy or hold gold?
Should I buy or hold cryptocurrencies?
Should I invest in mutual funds?

Do analysts produce fair analyses of investment products?

How do we choose leaders in the US, and do they matter?
What is the war on cyber crime? Is it working?
Does the income tax work?
Does spending money on the military make us safe?
What causes terrorists?

Does voting work?
Does representational government work?
Do immigrants improve our quality of life?

Does management work?
Do boards of directors help a company?
Is CEO pay justified?
Should we have software patents?
Does professional licensing benefit society?
How much should we trust experts?

What should we do about fake news?
Are diamonds really scarce?

Is healthcare effective?
Is smoking really bad for you?

Should women get screened for breast cancer?
What about colonoscopy?
What are the recommendations for prostate cancer screening for men?
What about hormone replacement therapy for women?

What about testosterone replacement therapy for men?
Should we get regular check-ups?
Are antibiotics a serious problem?

What can be done about arthritis?
Do osteoporosis drugs work?
Do vitamins make us more healthy?

What about vitamin C? Don’t we need vitamin C?
Does having a child and breastfeeding prevent breast cancer?
Why is testosterone going down?
Does using cell phones cause cancer?
Should you have your wisdom teeth removed if they don’t hurt?

What about metal tooth fillings?
What about recreational drugs?
What about addictive drugs like opiods?
Do statins make you live longer?
What about supplements and nutraceuticals?
What about herbal remedies?
What about canabinoids?
What about homeopathy?
What about chiropractic manipulation?
What about eating grapefruit while on certain drugs?

How much of a problem is obesity?
What is a healthy diet?
Why are adults and children so much fatter than 40 years ago?

Are some people gluten intolerant?
Do we need to get enough protein?
What about whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber, salad?
Are trans-fats bad for us?
What about vegetarians and vegans?
Does drinking sugary drinks make people fat?

Should we eat a low-cholesterol diet?
Do diets work?
Do low-fat diets work?

Do low-carb diets work?
What about ketogenic diets?
What about the paleo diet?
What about antioxidants?

What about fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids?
Is a Mediterranean diet good for you?
What about saturated fat?
What about cholesterol?

Does exercise help people lose weight?
Does surgery help people lose weight?
Is fasting beneficial? Can it make us live longer?
What foods cause cancer?
Does taking drugs or drinking while pregnant cause birth defects?
What about eating organic food?

Which parenting paradigm is best?
Should mothers breastfeed?
Should we circumcise boys?
Is fluoride a public health concern?
Should newborn babies get vitamin-K shots?
Do vaccines actually work?
Does drinking milk build strong bones?
Does playing violent video games make kid more violent, depressed, or antisocial?
Does sugar make kids hyper?

How can we bring out children’s intrinsic motivation?

Do horoscopes and astrology work?
What about afterlife and paranormal skills?
Do psychological drugs work?
Do people fear losses more than they celebrate gains?
What about choice overload?
Can people’s personality be characterized by a single test?

How effective are police forces?
How effective is the trial-by-jury process?
Do bench trials work?
Does gun control work?
Does prison work?

Do preschool programs work?
Does testing students work?
Do small schools have better students than large schools?

Does homework help kids learn?
Does a 4-year college education help?
Do graduate degrees help?

Is research effective?
Is research funding effective?
Is research publishing effective?
What does functional MRI imaging tell us about the brain?
Are fluorescent or LED light bulbs more efficient than incandescent?

Who is poor?
Should we be concerned about growing human population?
Is Social Security in the US at risk of failing?
Are robots and Artificial Intelligence stealing our jobs?
Is our privacy really at risk?

Does the art market price art works fairly?
Does microcredit help the poor?
Does social capitalism work?
Does marriage work?
Does God exist?
Can a good player win at poker?

Is it a good idea to buy lottery tickets?
Are lottery winners happier?
Are GMOs dangerous?

Are polar bears threatened?
Are our forests being depleted?
Are we losing all our insect species?
What about the bees?
How about DDT?
What about the Ozone hole?

Should cities or states ban the use of plastic bags?
Should we recycle plastic bottles?
Should we recycle glass bottles?
Should we recycle paper?
Should we recycle aluminum?
Is plastic and garbage polluting our oceans, killing all the marine life?
Are we destroying fishing stocks by overfishing?
Is wind power effective?

Is solar power the energy of the future?
Does my electric car run on coal?

What about nuclear power?
Is the planet warming as a result of man?
Is sea level going to accelerate and threaten coastal cities?

Are reefs turning acidic and dying because of man?
Are duck and goose down products sustainable?



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David Siegel

Provocateur, professional heretic, slayer of myths, speaker of truthiness to powerfulness, and defender of the Oxford comma.