I have one thought: if some small number of whales come in and pick up all your tokens, is that really so bad? If they sell later, they will want the price to be higher than when they bought, unless their base currency has dropped significantly. In this case, they are providing a distributor function — giving the project funding and then selling into the market as it develops. It’s not in their best interest to dump coins, especially all at once. So if your true supporters miss out on the price at x and instead by at 2x, they probably won’t be complaining when it goes to 10x, and in the meantime the “wholesale” buyers have given you the cash you need, prevented an undersubscribed offering, and given your token momentum. They may be parking their BTC, but they have skin in the game.

I’m not sure that all this planning and transparency is as necessary as some people may think. My $.02.

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