David Siegel’s Digital Money/Stablecoin Resources

My curated list of the stablecoin papers and projects I think are worth exploring …

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The road to digital money will be long and difficult. This and other Zuni fetishes available at joewilcoxsedona.com/

This is part of my Digital Money Book.


German banks want a programmable, digital euro
Fincen says stablecoin issuers must have money-transmitter licenses

White Papers & Research


The Business of Stablecoins — a piece by Aleks Larsen on stablecoin business models.


The Rise of Digital Money — IMF white paper, very good introduction.
Bank of Canada: Central Bank Digital Currency and Banking — working paper
The Libra White Paper — June, 2019
The Digitalization of Money — Princeton and Sciences Po paper
Investigating the Impact of Global Stablecoins— Bank of International Settlements and G7, obviously a reaction to Libra
The Future of Money II — a well written paper by Accenture
The Case for Building a New Protocol for Money — David Marcus, head of Libra
Libra, the Global Financial System, and Switzerland — a short-sighted but interesting Swiss look at Libra
Aaron Klein’s Overview of the Chinese Payments System — Brookings
G20 work on crypto-assets — not exactly inspiring or innovative
Consensys explains Libra — well written
Global Money for the Poor — why we need better, faster, cheaper payment rails, by Camila Villard Duran
Future Agenda on Digital Money — a short argument for better money
The Growing Challenges for Monetary Policy in the current International Monetary and Financial System — a speech at Jackson Hole by Mark Carney
In search for stability in crypto-assets: are stablecoins the solution? — EU paper

Automated Monetary Policy

Facts, Fears, and Functionality of Nominal GDP Level Targeting — by David Beckworth of Mercatus


My Analysis of the Avenir Suisse Libra Paper
My Talk on Stablecoins — at Mindspace, London
My Libra Overview — July, 2019
Caitlin Long on the progress in Wyoming


The War on Money Laundering Has Failed — Ron Pol
AML: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing — David Siegel
Swiss Stablecoin Guidelines

Central Bank Digital Currency

The Swedish Rijksbank e-Krona home page
IMF Blog: Four questions and answers about CBDC


Project Khokha — interbank payment/settlement system in South Africa built on Ethereum.
ndau stablecoin — an asset-backed “buoyant coin.”
Reserve.org — smart people up against insane regulations


Monerium — a white-label suite of solutions for building decentralized financial products and services.


The Stable Report — a list of stablecoin projects, some less stable than others.
The Complete Stablecoin Guide for 2019 — by Alyze Sam
The State of Stablecoins, 2019 — by Consensys


The Money Illusion — by Scott Sumner, one of the main proponents of NGDPLT.

This is part of the Digital Money Book. If you see something I should include, please find my email address and send me a note.

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David Siegel is a serial entrepreneur in Washington, DC. He is the founder of the Pillar Project and 2030. He is the author of The Token Handbook, Open Stanford, The Culture Deck, Climate Curious, and The Nine Act Structure. He gives speeches to audiences around the world — see his speaker page if you would like him to speak at your next event. His full body of work is at dsiegel.com.

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