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I built my first home page in early 1994. This is my new home online. It contains links to everything I have ever written, created, or been part of.

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I founded the Pillar Project
My LinkedIn page
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I keynoted this Conversation on stable coins and security tokens for the Fintech Connector.

I had a fun conversation in early July with Dinis Guarda, who has a new project to help transform cities into the smart cities of the future.

My new movie on climate data:

The Machine Economy is Coming — We are Not Prepared — a short essay on the future of work
The Giordano Bruno Institute — I’m looking for help getting it funded
Ski Better Faster — learn to ski the entire mountain in four days.

Coronavirus Series (reverse-chron order)


Product Porn Series

The IQ-Points Series



Cryptocurrencies, Money, Investing, and Macroeconomics


Climate Change

ClimateCurious (2016): 9,000 carefully written words on global warming that 250,000 people have read.
A Tribute to Hans Rosling (2018) — Why I think Hans got global warming wrong.
Global Warming for Dummies (2019)— An updated look at the climate problem.
An Open Letter to the Heartland Institute (2019)
Recent Scientific Work on Climate Change (2019)
Climate Change: Is it Real and Important? — A response defending me from a misguided rebuttal to the first essay, written by some global-warming enthusiasts.
How Climate Change Changes Your Brain — LinkedIn short piece describing my experience after publishing the essay.

My Newsletters

Recorded Podcasts

Society and the Future

Personal Data

The Semantic Web Acid Test — A quick primer on the semantic web,
My blog on ThePowerOfPull.com — How we can use data and the web in smarter ways; still very relevant.


Health Care

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital

My track record as an entrepreneur:



Open Stanford *— Why business schools need a radical new approach
The Newcomb Machine: test your decision-making skills.
The Culture Deck — 24 aspects of a responsive corporate culture.
Book Recommendations for 2016*
Stop Innovating!
Break the Innovation Barrier — Start Pretotyping!
Kanban for Everyone!*
What We Know about Leadership *— It’s what we don’t know that should inform our actions.
You WILL be Quantified — How quantification could affect all of us.
Turbulence, and Other Business Myths*— Of ecosystems and complex adaptive systems.
LinkedIn is a Trap, and We are All Stuck in It — What’s wrong with LinkedIn and how to game the system to your advantage.
How to Hire Real People and Get the Culture You Want*Resumes? Where we’re going, we don’t need resumes.
Fixing the Resume by Fixing Linkedin — the third installment of the LinkedIn disaster series; what resumes really should be.
The QuickStart Guide to the 21st Century*— How we will eventually run companies.
The Culture Deck* The 24 aspects of culture you need for this century
How to Improve Employee Engagement — a three-part essay on avoiding the problems ahead of time.
The Leadership Scam — How gurus promote themselves and fool people into thinking they are addressing leadership issues.
Letter to Korn Ferry — Standing up for rationalists at work.
Learning Agility: Myths and Realities — Buzzword-based hiring and pseudoscience doesn’t lead to good outcomes.
The Business Agility mind map — 2014 brain
Peter Drucker vs Business Agility — See how the great master scores (warning: I’m cherrypicking, but it’s fun).
Let’s Crowdfix the Data Problem Permanently* Describes the personal data locker, including the video animation.
People Don’t Click* How storytelling hijacked science.
Letter to Adobe: Kill the Apps — Why desktop software products should all be services.
Letter to J.C. Penney — Case study showing how experiments beat expert planning.
The Business Agility White Paper — Lays out the basic principles.
The Business Agility Manifesto — Asks what management consultants should do.
The Business Agility curriculum — some of it, anyway.
The Business Agility workshop overview
On Being Wrong, Very Wrong — Experts are more wrong than they think.
The Succession Plan — a short piece on how to replace a Great Man with a team.
Apple and the Cloud: A Cautionary Tale— Piece for xConomy.com on why Apple doesn’t get the cloud (and they still don’t), 2012.
An Open Letter to the Board at Apple — A piece I wrote for Forbes.com listing what Apple could do better (they still can).
Why I Should be Apple’s Next CEO — Blog post, 2009.
Severe Tire Damage — My original web-changing essay from 1995; influenced the design of the Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers.

Critical Thinking


Reading List


My Books

The Euler Project at Stanford, Self-published, 1985.
This booklet was my master’s thesis under Don Knuth and Charles Bigelow.

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What is Worth Doing?, Self-published, 1993
This book was about 1) becoming vegetarian for health reasons, 2) limiting population to prevent disaster, and 3) limiting CO2 emissions to prevent global warming. I can report, 22 years later, that I was wrong about all three. The only thing I got right was that being vegan is better for the environment.

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Creating Killer Web Sites, Hayden Books, 1996
This book was the #1 bestselling book at Amazon.com for 1996. It was translated into 16 languages. It remains Amazon.com’s longest-running number-one bestseller.

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Creating Killer Web Sites, 2nd Edition, Hayden Books, 1997
Written with the incomparable Doug Millison, this update also sold very well.

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Secrets of Successful Web Sites, Hayden Books, 1997
1997 was a busy year! This book interviewed groups of people building web sites and told their stories. I also wrote several technical chapters on the craft and business of web design.

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Futurize Your Enterprise, Wiley Business, 1999
Perhaps the first business/marketing book on the power of social media and how companies can harness the power of their customers online.

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Pull, Portfolio, 2009
The best book I have ever written. Far ahead of its time. Even though it was full of practical examples, we are just now starting to create this world at scale. Very relevant today. I didn’t want the “semantic web” in the subtitle, but my editors insisted — bad call. Easter egg: the barcodes for the letters are those of my previous books.

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Interior Design

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Here is my San Francisco Loft, which I designed and painted. I designed the birds-eye maple dining table and the climbing wall.

Here is my Upper West Side Apartment in New York City, where I designed almost everything.

I need to put up images of my Palo Alto penthouse, which I also designed.

Media About Me



The original “Tekton Pro” booklet (PDF).
The Graphite sampler page at Fontshop
The Eaglefeather Home Page (archived)
Zapfino page at Linotype
The WikiPedia page on the AMS Euler typeface is actually correct

My Adobe type designer’s page

The Story of Tekton — My version.
The Story of Graphite — My version.
Note: The WikiPedia page on Zapfino is completely messed up.


I have written several screenplays. I’m very happy with one of them, Run Sid Run, a story of two young kids trying to get a small elephant from one side of Houston to the other, and in the process they save all the animals. I hope you enjoy reading it.



My award-winning first home page, started in 1994.

My original bio — Jack of None
Dine with Dave — Everyone I ate with in 1996.
David Siegel on Diet — This is my writing from 1990–1994. Some of it is still true, most of it isn’t.
Tips on writing, 1997
My original Women’s Resources Page — Several browser versions later.
The Big Enchillada — A short and wacky essay on sex from 1994.

Stargazer, 2008 — The story of my son Shai’s birth.
Tips from Parents, 2008 — What people sent me before Shai was born.

I collect paper money. I do not recommend this hobby to anyone.


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Graphic Design

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It turns out to be very difficult to define what a country is for this purpose. I generally use the alphabetical country list at the Traveler’s Century Club, but that list is very inclusive (Hawaii and Alaska are countries). I don’t include Alaska and Hawaii because I wasn’t there when they were independent. I do include Monaco, Corsica, Canary Islands, Galapagos, Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, because I feel they still have their own identities. I don’t include Crete, I think it’s Greece. I would count Easter Island but haven’t been there. I don’t count the Sinai, it doesn’t have a distinct culture. I don’t split Turkey. I count Taiwan and Hong Kong as separate from China. I’m torn on Palestine because I believe its people should be a sovereign nation (somehow), but still you can’t just make up countries. I count it because the UN recognizes Palestine. I will count Tibet when I get there. I wouldn’t count Sicily (possibly a mistake?). Trinidad and Tobago, though very different and I have been to each, have been together for too long to separate. Same with Turks and Caicos. I have been to one country that no longer exists (Transkei). I don’t include countries where I was just passing through the airport, train, or bus station.

See? It’s arbitrary. I have a passport stamp for most, but not all of these. So I don’t use the loosest list nor the tightest method for counting.

A better site and app is Most Traveled People, where I am in the top 3,000 worldwide.

World travel isn’t for everyone. But you get a lot of interesting stories to tell. I often challenge people to name any city in the world and I will tell a story from what happened to me in that city. When I’m traveling, I say to myself “This is why I work to make the money.” I feel alive. I want to learn about other cultures, hear other accents, try strange food, and take pictures like these:

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Okavongo delta, Botswana
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Okavango Delta, Botswana
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Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Here is my list of countries visited so far:

  1. Albania
  2. Andorra
  3. Australia
  4. Austria
  5. Azerbaijan
  6. Bahamas
  7. Barbados
  8. Belgium
  9. Belize
  10. Bermuda
  11. Bosnia
  12. Botswana
  13. Brazil
  14. Bulgaria
  15. Burkina Faso
  16. Cambodia
  17. Canada
  18. Canary Islands
  19. China
  20. Congo, Dem Rep of
  21. Corsica
  22. Costa Rica
  23. Cote D’Ivoire
  24. Croatia
  25. Czech Republic
  26. Denmark
  27. Dominican Republic
  28. Ecuador
  29. Egypt
  30. England
  31. Fiji
  32. Finland
  33. France
  34. Galapagos
  35. Georgia
  36. Germany
  37. Ghana
  38. Gibraltar
  39. Greece
  40. Guatamala
  41. Hong Kong
  42. Hungary
  43. Iceland
  44. India
  45. Ireland
  46. Israel
  47. Italy
  48. Japan
  49. Kenya
  50. Laos
  51. Liechtenstein
  52. Lithuania
  53. Luxembourg
  54. Madagascar
  55. Mali
  56. Mauritius
  57. Mexico
  58. Monaco
  59. Montenegro
  60. Namibia
  61. Nepal
  62. Netherlands
  63. New Zealand
  64. Northern Ireland
  65. Norway
  66. Palestine
  67. Panama
  68. Philippines
  69. Poland
  70. Portugal
  71. Romania
  72. Russia
  73. Rwanda
  74. St Lucia
  75. Scotland
  76. Senegal
  77. Singapore
  78. Slovakia
  79. Slovenia
  80. South Africa
  81. Spain
  82. Sri Lanka
  83. Sweden
  84. Switzerland
  85. Tahiti
  86. Taiwan
  87. Tanzania
  88. Thailand
  89. Tonga
  90. Transkei (gone)
  91. Trinidad and Tobago
  92. Turkey
  93. Turks and Caicos
  94. Uganda
  95. United States
  96. Vatican City
  97. Venezuela
  98. Vietnam
  99. Wales

Here are some of my old travel blogs:

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Provocateur, professional heretic, slayer of myths, speaker of truthiness to powerfulness, and defender of the Oxford comma.

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