Call for Makers: The Lykke Video Series

For video producers: this document explains the videos we want. To understand this, you MUST go through the download process and get a wallet set up. It takes a bit of time, because we are required to do a KYC (Know Your Customer) process, so you have to validate who you are. But it’s critical to understanding our product. Go to:

Download the wallet and go through the sign-up procedure. You must do this to qualify to respond to this brief — that shows interest in the project. If you like, you can even load in a small amount of Bitcoin and make a small trade, just to test the experience. Ideally, two people at your company do this, both on iOS and Android.

Note: We will wait until the next iteration on iOS before we make the videos, but the app will look substantially the same.

Lykke is a new kind of decentralized exchange offering people a better trading experience. We are starting with forex, but we will go far beyond, to one day provide an alternative to the major stock and bond exchanges.

We want to make a series of videos, and we will start by creating videos of the product itself, from the download/onboarding process to trading and backing up private keys. Our video series could be modeled on this one, which is by a competitor:

They have only made one video, but they have the right idea. We don’t want their look and feel, but the production quality, length, and content are very much what we’re looking for. This series is all about showing the product in action, both on iOS and Android. We could just alternate the videos for both platforms, or show both on each video. I don’t think there are any major differences between the two, but we should understand if there are any at all.

We can write the scripts or you can. If you have the wallet and have used it to make a trade, you’re capable of writing the scripts.

The Series
We would like at least the following videos, targeted to 1 minute each or so:

1 Downloading: It’s very important that people go to and download from there. They should not search for any wallets in the app store.

2 Onboarding: Show the onboarding and KYC process. It’s the same for everyone. Show what to do if they need help.

3 Back-up: As soon as you have your wallet, you must go through the back-up process. This involves writing down twelve words that form the password you’ll need to unlock a new wallet on another device.

4 Loading Money: To trade, you need money in your wallet. You can put money into your wallet using a simple Bitcoin transfer, or from a bank, or a credit card. The video briefly shows all ways to load.

5 Make a Trade: You can trade any of the coins listed in the wallet. We must explain that while transfer of ownership does happen immediately, it can take minutes to an hour or two to settle on the Bitcoin blockchain, depending on how busy the network is.

6 Invest in Lykke: You can also purchase Lykke coins easily. Lykke coins represent ownership of the company. They pay dividends and allow voting on key issues. I will write the script for this one.

7 Send Money: You can send any currency available in the Lykke system to any other Lykke wallet holder. This makes it easy to move money to friends at a fraction of the cost of using Paypal or a bank.

8 Getting Money Out: Show how people can take their money out of their wallet and send it back to their bank.

9 Cold Storage: We will probably want to make a video showing how to get private keys into cold storage at some point, but I don’t think just yet. We may want to make a feature for this in the wallet.

Your Bid
There will likely be plenty more videos to make. We hope to find a production group we can be in the groove with and crank them out as needed. Each video may need to be remade as we upgrade the product, and we’ll need new videos as we add features to the wallets. There is plenty more to do after this series, but this gives us a good start. So please give us a bid for two videos to start.

You can use any format you want to respond. Be sure to link to any relevant previous work. An agile approach is best — let’s do one or two and see from there about doing the rest.

Please respond to

Thank you.

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Provocateur, professional heretic, slayer of myths, speaker of truthiness to powerfulness, and defender of the Oxford comma.