It occurs to me I should share things I’m reading with others. I do share via my blog at Cutting Through the Noise, and I often tweet, but a lot of people don’t see those, so here are some stories I have enjoyed. Some I have written, most I haven’t.

Global Warming for Dummies (my latest piece of heresy)

Arnold Ventures paper on solutions for drug pricing policy

Maarten Van Doorn’s Complete Guide to Effective Reading (read it and take notes)

An Open Letter to the Federal Reserve (why a bit of inflation is good and how we can improve monetary policy)

Millennials Deserve a Break (anyone want to join me to change the world?)

Wow! (sex)

Senolytics (the new fountain of youth?)

The Friedmann Equation (cosmology)

CRISPR as a diagnostic tool (home tests for everything)

Apple Watch Warning (using Bayes’ Theorem to calculate deaths by Apple watch)

Bryan Caplan on Education:

The Google April 1st self-driving bike video:

I’ll try to do this monthly, but you can keep up by subscribing to Cutting Through the Noise.

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